Friday, June 6, 2014

Pattern Membership - May

This month, I only managed to finish one item, the pattern member exculsive, Stepford dress.

Pretty, right? I thought it looked a little too "stepford-y" when I first saw it, but I've learned my lesson about prejudging patterns. So I purchased the Extravagarden in Bold fabric that I've been coveting for months now. Yay for the lizard dress.

But it was the dress that almost wasn't. Like a good little seamstress, I measured myself to decide what size I needed to cut - small on the top with a medium waist. Then I cut my straight small and got to sewing. I finished a beautiful bodice, simply beautiful.

Then I put it on and... it was way too tight in the waist! I got so excited for the dress (and especially the lizard fabric), that I had cut a STRAIGHT SMALL instead of grading the waist to a medium. I was pretty devastated. I considered going on a diet just to fit in the dress (I intended to wear it to a friend's low key bachelorette party). Breathing is optional, right?

I soon regained my wits and had to let out every seam on that bodice. I sewed the tiniest of tiny seam allowance and voile! Crisis averted!

Now that I can breathe in it, I love this dress. I will probably be making the 'version B," and am currently using this bodice with another skirt.

The dress reminds some of my coworkers of Mrs. Frizzle. I'll take that as a compliment.
Magic Schoolbus anyone?