Friday, February 20, 2015

All About that Applique

This is the adorable outfit I made for Mr. Man for the February challenge of Project Run & Play.

Here's my version of the Mademoiselle Muscle Tank from Living with Punks. I made it smaller, raised the neckline, and added a Homestar Runner Applique. Who remembers Homestar Runner? Just me? Seriously.

The applique was made using quilting cotton, heat n bond, and the triple stitch on the sewing machine. I hand stitched the eyes. I'm pretty proud about how well it turned out.

In the spirit of the challenge, the pants are modified from Living with Punks Shortcake Knickers. I added pockets, piping, and a reverse appliqued star beneath the pockets. I also graded it slightly larger so that I could use a sweatshirt knit, raised the waist by 2 inches so that I could just fold over, stitch, and insert elastic for the waist, and I let the hem hang for a more boyish look.

Also, in the spirit of using free patterns, I used the Slouchy beanie from HeidiandFinn. I also added a reverse appliqued star on the side.