Monday, March 31, 2014

Sewing Rabbit Membership - March

So I recently joined a sewing pattern membership. WOO HOO!!!!  It was put together by the awesome Sewing Rabbit. Basically, you get three PDF patterns each month, there's a special forum, and a bunch of other fun stuff.

I tried very hard to say no to buying a membership. I really did! Here I am, trying to be good and spend less money on sewing, and Wham...Sewing membership!  The conversation in my head went something like this...

"You don't need it"

"But I wants it"

"You have a bunch of sewing patterns already that you haven't sewn yet"

"But I wants it"

"You just bought the new Just Add Jeans Collection from Pattern Anthology, just sew some of those"

"But I wants it"

"You already own the Madeline dress... and you DON'T EVEN HAVE A GIRL"

"But I WANTS it"

 "You have barely sewn your extensive collection of PDF patterns"

"But...But.... Knight Hoodie!!!"


And that's totally how it went. I made a deal with myself (because that doesn't sound like a crazy person, right?) that if I get the membership, I must sew as many of the items as I can and post it on the blog at the end of every month.

So, here are the 2 patterns that I sewed for the month of March:

Knight Hoodie

First up is the adorable Knight Hoodie from Charming Doodle.

Gosh I love this pattern! I really, really want one in my size (cough, cough)

I ended up making this out of one of my little brothers old Under Armor sweatshirts. My mom had given it to me a couple of years ago, and it has sat in my closet ever since. It was a nice sweatshirt, but didn't really fit any of us.

The only problem I ran into was the hood. I used the existing hood, and had to add a piece of the fake leather to the bottom helmet piece. I like the way it turned out. The top of helmet piece almost makes it look like a bird to me.

Of course I sew this up, am super proud of it, and Mr. Man.....


Go figure.

Fortunately, I did get him to smile for a couple of photos.

Toiletry Travel Bag

Just one picture of this project. It's a very cute bag made from leftover scraps of felt, leather and quilting cotton. It's a great way to use up those scraps. I sewed it up differently from the pattern instructions. The directions...or me being tired....or the wine.... confused me for a bit, so I just tossed them and did my own thing.

See? I've done pretty well on sewing for this month. Yay! Go me! Just a few hours left if you want to join in on the March fun!

Now it"s tome to work on the Just Add Jeans patterns....

Friday, March 14, 2014

Jammies and a Birthday Shirt

Okay, so this post might be a little bit late!

Pattern is Peek-A-Boo Patterns Sweet Dreams Button-up PJs. The fabric is flannel and quilting cotton purchased from Joanns. I really love these jammies.

So Cute!!! The only change I made to the pattern is to stitch his initial onto the pocket. I ended up cutting out four of this pattern, but I've only stitched this one so far. I'll show it of when (or if) I ever finish them.

Mr Man also turned 2. Yay Mr. Man!! And I sewed him a shirt with tattoo sleeves... because why not?

The pattern used was the tried and true Alex & Anna top. The letters and numbers were stitched onto the shirt. I bought the tattoo sleeves from the costumes section of party city, made them smaller, then attached them.

Hopefully I can post finished projects in a more timely manner from now on.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Recess Raglans

This is yet another project that has taken me awhile to post. I’m sorry! I need to get better about blogging things. But here are a couple of items that I made in November.

The pattern is, of course, the Recess Raglan from See Kate Sew. I had purchased this pattern when Pattern Anthology was offering the Alphabet Collection. So far, this is my favorite children’s raglan pattern (I currently own 3). It fits him perfectly, goes together quickly, and has so many sleeve options. I love it!

This first one is freezer paper stenciled with Han Solo. I love Star Wars. The knits I used were purchased at Golden D’or in Dallas during the twice yearly clearance room sale. I scored both for 99 cents a yard (along with much more stuff).

The 2nd raglan was mad from scraps leftover from previous projects. I also added a Banyan pocket on the front of it. I really love the way it turned out.

I have a thing for stripes. Can you tell?

That’s all I have for now. Please tune in next week for Little man’s 2 year old shirt and his jammies from Christmas. Ha!