Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Peacock Saltspring

There was a sew along hosted recently by Caroline for the Saltspring Dress. Because my first version gets so much wear, I figured that I would make the shorter version.

Due to me also sewing a pair of Thurlow shorts (pictures to come at a later date), I finished the dress late. Better late than never.

I've had this version planned in my head ever since I finished the first one and realized the zipper was unnecessary for me. The back of this dress is draped and slightly open with a "peacock" chain closure.

The results are awesome (minus the grommets, I need to redo them. I think I have found my sewing achilles heel).

In order to achieve this style of back, I eliminated the back lining. Instead, I created a smaller facing piece.

I also cut the back skirt on a fold instead of separately. It's superfluous to have two pieces if I'm not sewing a zipper. To counterbalance the weight of the chain in the bag (I want it to drape, not sag) I added mini pockets to the inside of the front lining. The pockets can be used to place "weights" inside (I used quarters).

From there it's sewn as usual (eliminating the zipper steps) and insert to grommets in the top. The chain was created with two jewelry closures, a large chain, and a pretty beaded peacock. The best part of this is that the closure can be removed before the dress is washed.

Also added to the dress, a skirt lining. The fabric was very clingy, so it was needed.

The fabric used was a polyester purchased at a fabric warehouse in Dallas. It's incredibly slippery (even more so than the first dress I made). And so, I have discovered the greatest sewing tool EVER when dealing with slippery fabrics - Spray Starch!!!


Seriously, it's the best stuff ever! Just spray it on and iron before you start cutting, and it makes life so much easier. Then, when you are done sewing, just wash it out. Done! So EASY!

Still love the pattern, and I love this dress. The shorter version, I feel, might be a tad too short. I had to do a baby hem to achieve this length. So if you like a deeper hem, I might add an inch or two to the skirt portion.

Also, I just had to take pictures at the same place as the first Saltspring! ;) And nothing says summer in Texas more than a sundress and cowboy boots!!!


  1. Back at the Water Gardens again huh? Nice dress and great scenery. I was there about a week ago in a dress that I made but did not think to have my hubby snap some pics.

    1. I love that place! I just wish it wasn't so hot. Too bad you didn't get any pictures there; it makes such a good backdrop for fabulous dresses.