Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monster Jam

Little man has grown out of most of his old pjs. Instead of buying new ones, I decided to try making some. Here's the first pair of jammies.

I used the Alex and Anna Summer Pjs pattern for the top, and the Alex and Anna Winter Pjs for the bottom (both patterns are from the Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop). I made them in a larger size than what he would normally wear, size 3T, partly because I want them to last for a while (give him a little growing room), and partly because I don't like the way store bought patterns are fit too snug. Overall, I love it.

The monster band fabric was a remnant from Joanns, and the black knit was just some scraps from my stash.

Unfortunately, my machine refuses to stitch with the double needle, so I zig-zagged the top instead of the double topstitch. Strangely, it works! Maybe it's the crazy monster pattern.

With the leftover monster band fabric, I made him a tank. Again, I used the Alex & Anna Summer Pjs in a size 3T, this time adding a hood and a pocket. The pattern takes very liitle fabric.

Happy Sewing!


  1. By any chance do you have a a piece of the selvage that has the info on it? I am trying to find this fabric.

    1. I purchased it at my local Joann's. I don't have any left, but I found it online here (but it says it's no longer available).