Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pendrell Blues

I've made 2 Pendrells so far. While I think the pattern is great, neither version is working for me anymore. Let’s take a moment to review these beauties before they are shipped off to the local Salvation Army. 

The first unfortunate case, in it’s final hoorah, is the brown polka dotted Pendrell. I made view B in a mystery fabric In February 2011. It fit like a dream! It was my favorite shirt for a short while. 

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was pregnant with my son. Now, sadly, the shirt just doesn’t fit me comfortably. Every time I put it on, it feels like the shirt is trying to strangle me. It’s time to let go, and hopefully somebody else will appreciate it properly.   

The next sad, sad case is this pendrell. Post pregnancy, I wanted to make another Pendrell (you know, one that I could actually breathe in). So I decided on version A, and off to the store I went. That’s where I fell in love with this beautiful blue printed QUILTING cotton (what can I say? I’m a sucker for blue!). I know I shouldn’t have chosen a quilting cotton for a drapey blouse, but I’m a rebel. There was no talking me out of it. 



Ok, so it’s really not that bad. I get complimented on it every time I wear it (I’ve only wore it twice). It’s just so stiff…. and LOUD. I really didn’t realize just how loud the print was until I wore it. 

Double EEK!

Next time, I’m going to get it right.


  1. I love the blue Pendrell. Not loud at all. Maybe that is because I love and wear prints like this all the time (I always have and I am 69). Go for it, girl....

    1. I think I could deal with the loud print better if it was less stiff. Next one I do is going to be knit.