Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MAKE [BELIEVE] - The Explorer Hoodie

Warning! This post is PICTURE HEAVY!

Now for the third installment of my shameless promotion of this awesome collection. The Make [Believe] Collection is only available for a little less than 1 week, so you should get it while you can.

On to more adorable cuteness... BEHOLD THE EXPLORER HOODIE.

I sewed the version with the asymmetrical zipper, using scrap fabrics. It gives off a very 'cool' vibe. If you look closely, you might notice the shirt underneath it as being the previously blogged about See Kate Sew Recess Raglan. Honestly, I had just grabbed a matching shirt from his closet; I didn't realize the coincidence until I was editing the photos later on. Lucky you! You get a double dose of Kate today.

Back to the hoodie. I love it. I only wish it wasn't 100 degrees outside.

I see this pattern as being a Fall staple in my son's closet. It's cute, was quick and easy to sew, and Mr. Man doesn't hate it. Success!

And now I'll leave you with a LOT more pictures.


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