Saturday, July 26, 2014

MAKE [BELIEVE] - The Imagine Jacket

Last, but certainly not least, from the MAKE [BELIEVE] collection is the Imagine Jacket. This is the first of the collection that I got to sew, yet the last I review. The latest Pattern Anthology Collection is only available until Monday, so get it while you can. It's totally worth it!

As for the pattern, it is a light jacket with 3 piece sleeves and 2 different options. I sewed version A, with cool side patches and three welt pockets. It was surprisingly easy and quick, considering that it had 3 welt pockets, 3 piece sleeves, and was fully lined. An advanced beginner could totally sew this one.

Even though this is intended to be a light jacket, I used thick corduroy and made it more of a thicker coat. I love coats; you know this.

This particular version was modeled after a jacket owned by one of Mr. Man's great grandfathers. He was a Hump Pilot during WWII. For the short time that I knew him, he would often wear an old leather bomber jacket.  Here's a link to a fascinating article about bomber jacket art, in case you're interested.

*Actually, 2 of Mr. Man's Great Grandfathers were Hump Plots during WWII, but I don't remember ever seeing my grandfather's jacket.*

Another fun fact for you, maps were often sewn into the lining of the bomber jackets in case they were shot down in enemy territory and had to navigate back. So, for the lining, I used this vintage looking map fabric. I think the lining ties the whole look together.

 I think that about sums it up! Enjoy a few more pictures and be sure to check out the MAKE [BELIEVE] collection before it disappears on Monday.


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